Ecclesiastes (Your Journey)

“Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your creator. Honor Him in your youth before you grow old and say, “Life is not pleasant anymore”(Ecc. 12:1).

How much is your life worth? Is it worth living or is it worth dying for?
All around you everything seems normal. You wake up seeing but not feeling, with the only thing you’re remotely thankful for being your existence. A life of mistakes, regrets and a fading hope. Surely once your candle of hope is snuffed out then what’s the use to living. Like Midas everything you touch changes. Unlike Midas it doesn’t turn to gold. What else is there to do but go through the routines of this numb state. Birds chirping, trees growing, cars honking each other. All around you everything seems normal till you touch something.
Evil Midas!
Your apathy towards the world seems higher than the proposed tower of Babel, you are stuck in the game of life and have already used two lifelines. You phoned your friend, he couldn’t help, time ran out. The audience(world) all gave conflicting answers which confused you the more. What’s your next option? You know your next move but what’s stopping you from using it? You don’t think you have the verve to last the whole race. What if you stumble? Better yet what if you fall but then again what if you fl… Ok so you say you can’t fly. Will He accept you back? You think He’ll get tired of welcoming you back. Scared of fear. You coward!
How similar are you to the seeds that fell among the thorns. The world controls you, trapped in vanity. Institutionalized by money, fame, power, women and drugs. Everyday is a party, each night at the club. You claim to be Christian and truly believe what you say.
You think church is enough but you wasn’t even listening to the sermon. Your mind is wondering, your mind is fishing, your eyes be scanning for fresh meat. How can you fish for meat at church? Your ignorance isn’t bliss, your ignorance is grief. In your mind you are the king, in reality a slave. Mind games I guess. Sin is your guide, the devil your usher. Burn! Hell, that’s the path you’re headed. You think the sun scorches? Just wait.
But now everything seems to be crumbling down and it’s all becoming too much for you, depression knocks on your door, the load she brings is too much for your shoulders. Your blissful ignorance has turned into gloomy reality. Self realization is upon you and you are 6ft under: emotionally.
What’s your life really worth? Is it worth living or is it worth dying for? Life to you has become meaningless so you shun the world and wallow in sorrow. In exiling yourself from all, you see a glimpse of Him approaching your home but that same fear keeps you from inviting Him in. What’s your greatest fear?

“That’s the whole story. Here now is my final conclusion: Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone’s duty” (Ecc. 12:13).

Forgiveness, Pride,Letting it go

Let me apologize to begin with. A mate of mine asked for a loan of money and I gave it without hesitation given that he promised to pay me back in a weeks time. Payment is due and he starts giving excuses and just refunds a third of what I loaned out to him until he gets the rest. Now I don’t mind at first, he’s my dude and I’m not really in need of the money but another week goes by and I hear nothing from my guy. At least tell me what the delay in payment is? But he ignores me and I do same. We continue to hang and occasionally when I ask about the money he has an excuse to give so I stop asking altogether and decide to move on. But I can’t just move on like that can I? And as the bigger man I claim to be, I forgave him and everything seems casual.
Let me apologize for my behavior once more. I receive a text from him another time asking me for some financial help again. I thought to myself ‘how could he be so thoughtless to come back to ask me for money?’. For someone who claims to have forgiven his comrade this isn’t looking good. I text him back reminding him of the last time he took money from me. Apparently he thinks he settled all his debts and I vehemently refutes his claims, he says he would pay me what I say he owes – can u believe this guy? What I say he owes – in addition to what he’s asking for presently. Now since I claimed to forgive him I said he shouldn’t worry about the last time ( Ikr..why did I bring it up then?) and come for the the money. Hahaha… You guessed wrong, he paid me in full the following day much to my surprise/ disgrace.
Isn’t that how we all live our lives? Finding it difficult to forgive when we claimed to have been wronged by our fellows. Sometimes we truly believe we’ve forgiven those who wrong us but at the same time can’t forget what they did to us. Lol..How hypocritical of us, we feel so let down that we possibly couldn’t fully trust that person like how we used to at first. Pride sets in and we start looking for words to justify our actions like ‘what if he/she does it again’ or ‘fool me once, shame on you but fool me twice,shame on me.’ Again how hypocritical of us after we wake up and recite various prayers to God asking him to forgive us our sins but omitting the other aspect of the prayer by asking Him to help us forgive those who we say have wronged us. We all have that pride which pulls us back from fully forgiving and trusting after we’ve been wronged, let’s try to do away with it for if we ask and God forgives us who are we to even say we are forgiving others how much more doing it halfway. It is my prayer that we put pride aside and live in harmony with one another, for if you can’t fully forgive someone who is with you today how can we ask forgiveness from the God we do not see yet claim to believe in? Where’s the faith in that. I hope my apology is accepted.