she (Word) (unfinished)

Church Church The whole world playing church Majoring in the minor Seeing with the eyes of men All we do is act religion (Church) She was clingy, I was the repellent I believed in love stories but did not like the direction this was headed Head to toe she was average to human eyes She […]

Beyond life

Emptiness. A hollow frame Shame. A naked man Bare. A plain canvas From ashes to ashes And dust to dust That is the shadow of a man And it is the ground he walks upon Cursed is the ground because you reign You pay each man’s wages for their work They toil under the sun […]


I had a dream I was in heaven. Took it as a sign from God that I am touched. Suddenly I wake up to the heat of this world. Hell, I’m back to reality. Basqiuat painting the Mona Lisa, I’m Stephen King writing a Ludlum novel. When dream meets reality and reality is a contradiction. […]


I sought after the shape of life to no avail. I find a house in the desert. Thirsty. I knock to find the place deserted. Round and round we go. Driving in circles. Walking in straight lines. All around, relationships are springing up like wells. Her life is a constant drought. Our fountain of youth […]


The cock crows 3 times, I wake up aged 24. Another day and the hustle and bustle that comes with. You know it’s a miracle when you make it out of bed, take time to thank He who made it possible for you to be alive. I’m physically fit, mentally sound. Thank you God for […]

Ecclesiastes (Bondage)

Meaningless meaningless, everything is meaningless! Gethsemane: the spirit is willing, the body weak. Mentally enslaved, in a state of calvary. Married to conformity, till death do us part. The crowd, O this crowd of Gethsemane. We have all eaten from the fruit and are loose, Old Testament. We know no sin. Everything is permissible, everything […]