Beyond life

Emptiness. A hollow frame
Shame. A naked man
Bare. A plain canvas
From ashes to ashes
And dust to dust
That is the shadow of a man
And it is the ground he walks upon
Cursed is the ground because you reign
You pay each man’s wages for their work
They toil under the sun and wither away
They slave in the rain and are washed away
Some obeyed your decrees and were rewarded
Others rebelled in your kingdom and got punished
But your reward and punishment is one
In the end
Tomorrow is not promised here
And even though they fight
Even though they accept your rule
All men are accused to the ground
That is his constant
That is the only certainty of his life
You are their end
Capturing thoughts and torturing hearts
You are their beginning
Men have been programmed to love the darkness
Their minds are inked to a primeval source of information
In the beginning
Darkness was all over the face of the deep
Sin reigned and death ruled
For all had sinned
And the sting of sin is death
But as it was
Light was called from the darkness
And what was once shapeless had form
The empty became full
As it was in the garden
I sought after the other tree and took a bite from its fruit
Behold I see light
I lift up my eyes and see mountains moving
And lilies dressed in splendour along the valleys
I look to the skies and see multiple rainbows
With rays of sunlight shooting through the clouds
O what a sight to behold
O what glory!
Endless love flowing constantly like rivers of living waters
By the rivers of Babylon I lay down in green pastures
The calmness of my surroundings restores my soul
From victory unto victory
Glory to glory
For I am free.
Once I lived in the land of men
They say nobody knows tomorrow
And every word that came from our lips was controlled
Our minds were subject to death
Our hearts was a den of emotions
In the land of men the flesh rules
I once lived in the land of men
Here we speak what we see
And we are moved by what we see
We were sons of circumstances
Yielding our lives to the control of the material
In the land of men we had one language and a common speech
What if I don’t make it in life?
I’m afraid of what others would think of me
All this thinking and writing is making me stressed
I have a headache
After all we are not perfect. Sometimes we will fall.
In the land of men we exchanged our souls for dust
In the land of men the information given us was fear
Here we learned to fail.
Now I find myself in another realm
And I see transparent looking men
They look like men but their ways are different
Every word from their lips is life
In their mouths are swords
They send their words to do what they say
Their minds fixed on God
And their hearts are pregnant with the word of God
Here the spirit lives
They speak what they want to see
And it is so.
I am writing this to inform you that I have found my home.
In the kingdom of God, Christ is our salvation
And all things are possible
All we do is believe and speak.
We all carry the kingdom in our hearts
Open your hearts and see
Fear not, only believe.

+-, ++

Who do you love?

is it that guy always happy

you look at her and feel extremely lucky

Life bright with affection, extremely sunny

cannot wait to see his face, acting perky

the center of your world, capital city

the foundation of your life, strong and sturdy

your personal brand of heroin, a drug junkie

a true Hollywood beauty, Angelina Jolie

in short he’s the one, Jet Li

time spent together moves too quickly

doesn’t get better than this, heavenly

moving too fast, furiously

summertime over, weather cloudy

winter is coming, Catelyn Tully

growing slightly apart, paths diverging

he’s trying too hard, getting clumsy

her responses are a beat late, dilly dallying

the center cannot hold, tsunami

things fall apart, Chinua Achebe

all feelings become numb eventually

you look at her and all you see is plain ordinary

you talk to him and find nothing extraordinary

now ask yourself

who do you love?


I had a dream I was in heaven. Took it as a sign from God that I am touched.
Suddenly I wake up to the heat of this world. Hell, I’m back to reality.
Basqiuat painting the Mona Lisa, I’m Stephen King writing a Ludlum novel.
When dream meets reality and reality is a contradiction. What becomes of the dream?
The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.
The Lord is my rock and my foundation whom should I fear?
And yet I fear it all.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear all evil.
I fear life, death, success, failure, riches, poverty, love, hate….
I fear it all.
So what happens when dream meets reality and reality is fear?
Do you keep on dreaming or wake up and accept what you see?
Who is your god and what drives you on?
Who do you talk to when you pray?
Why go down on your knees to pray when you know you can’t speak right?
The Lord is my shepherd
Words I speak; songs I sing.
Just words with no strings attached.
My shoulders are slumped from the weight of my yoke.
Life is burdensome. Life is heavy.
I’m tired and in need of rest so I stop on the way to sleep on my problems.
I wake up alive with fear, clothed in anger.
Angry at all, and yet anxious for everything.
Moved by what I see, yet everything is negative.
Life is shrouded under a cloud of fear, raining worry and pessimism each day.
Da Vinci trapped in a Picasso
I’m Herod the great teaching the gospel.
My potential rendered impotent
She told me I was different, a king destined to rule.
I believed and put my trust in her words.
Sleeping at night, he came to steal this dream, to kill her and destroy my home.
I wake up to find my mother gone; her words follow her to the grave.
Now I sit on a throne of self-pity with no subjects to rule.
I sit on a throne of self-pity, wearing a crown of worry and constantly drinking doubt from my golden chalice.
I used to dream I was in heaven, now I have vivid nightmares in the belly of the beast.
Nightmares that have become reality.
Nightmares that do not go away.
So I pray to God to show his face.
I pray to God to show his face.


I sought after the shape of life to no avail.
I find a house in the desert.
Thirsty. I knock to find the place deserted.
Round and round we go. Driving in circles.
Walking in straight lines.
All around, relationships are springing up like wells.
Her life is a constant drought.
Our fountain of youth is running out.
Winter of life sniffs around. Trying to find an opening.
Windows is shutting down, doors locked tight.
Everything is without form and void.
Loneliness moves over the face of darkness.
On your mark! Light is near.
No. Scratch that.
Apologies for almost veering wide of the mark.
This is not the creation story
Where I end with how man disobeyed and took a bite from an apple.
Life is slowly passing her by, faith becometh impatience.
Touch. I remember touch.
Pictures came with touch.
A girl looking for love. Tell me what you see.
Kiss. Suddenly alive. A physical delight.
The world is based on physicality with love a great lie.
Come. Enjoy food and feed your flesh.
The way and the truth.
Alas. The light has finally arrived.
<<<<< let’s rewind.
On your mark! Light is near.
Now scratch scratch that.
Let there be light!
Touch. Tell me what you see.
Lust is the way and the truth.
The light shining in her world cannot be dimmed.
A creature of contact to satisfy your soul.


Perched atop the Burj Khalifa, feeling wobbly, in a state of vertigo.
I’m acrophobic and do not know how I got here.
Just over an hour to go and I move into a hot air balloon. Up, up, away.
At first it was a rush then the rains came accompanied by thunder.
It’s an hour to midnight and I’m going to die unless Jesus calms the storm.
I close my eyes and count to 10. 1…2…3. Poof.
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no I’m superman!
Flying into the skies, resting on cloud 9.
It’s the last hour of the year and when the bell tolls a new year is going to be upon us.
It’s the last hour of the year and I’m as high as a kite rising above the Eiffel Tower.
Everyone else is making resolutions and what nots.
I’ve got the booze in my hand, the blunt in my mouth.
Taking a lesson in osmosis and diffusion.
I’m high on both.
Flying to heaven and lying in hell while sleeping in the backseat of a Toyota parked outside the church.


New day
Everything in life is subject to change.
Change is inevitable, change must happen.
Seasons change, people grow, time waits for none, the earth is constantly moving.
But what happens when we can’t keep up?
When we are too far behind and don’t know where we are headed?
What happens when you become a constant in the variable?
It’s the start of a new year.
A time for resolutions and new behaviors.
A time to let go of past failures and embrace future success.
A time of hope. A time of new ideas. A fresh start.
But to me it’s just an illusion.
A feeling which does not last.
In reality a time of melancholy.
The new year puts me in a pensive mood.
It signifies time spent, progress not made and a time for sober reflections.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much thankful for my life and all the added bonuses that accompany being me.
We are alive not because we’re better off but because our work here is incomplete.
So when the time comes when I’ve got to go, I hope I was worth it.
I hope I lived a full life and realized my true potential.
I hope it wasn’t time wasted. I hope I was happy.
That is my daily prayer.
And January is when I awake from hibernation.
When I look within rather than around.
When I feel I’m nowhere near where I ought to be.
Maybe January is the time I die.
A time where my life flashes before my eyes.
A time I vow to change for the better then go back to sleep in the comfort zone 2hours later.
A time of hope.
A time of hope?


Truly April
I cannot decide on what to do.
It’s been long since we last saw each other.
It’s been 4months and 9days.
I’ve moved on. Some.
But sometimes the regret hits me like a fist of Ali in his prime.
I’ve recovered. Some.
But now I’ve arrived in the realm of nostalgia. Ultra.
Memories buffeting like a blizzard so I take novocaine to numb the pain.
But still shiver at the thought of reconnection
While my phone quivers from a notification notifying me of a contact once deleted.
‘Father help me for I know not what to do.’
I know feelings have been extinguished
But I know feelings are highly flammable.
I know she awaits my call
But I know she doesn’t think of me.
I know I should call
But I know my voice will betray
I know sending a birthday text is a poor excuse for trying to reach out.
I know I’m ready.
I know I’m not but hit ‘send’ all the same.
22minutes of hell and my phone awakens.
The heavy words stand out in clear contrast against the light background.
“Who’s this?”


Synopsis of fraud
Leading the parade, going with the wind.
Celebrating our independence from independence to dependence.
I cannot live without you, she neither
You need me to exist, him too.
Collectivism the root of all evil.
Parasites leeching of each other.
A pack of wolves minus the alpha.
A beta life consisting of no alphas, but gammas.
So far it’s positive.
The selfless sacrificial lambs, victims of Shang Tsung.
Make believe Christians.
Denying self, carrying the cross of others……
The beginning….
Darkness bowed to light, light-years ago.
And there was light.
God created the world and everything in it.
Eternal governors.
Put man in control of all that is.
Then he came as a snake in the grass, fallen from grace to grass.
On the sly, creating a slithery path to be followed.
She followed and convinced him to do same.
The first followers.
Our parents.
Actors keep changing but the script remains untouched.
Our deepest fear is that we are scared of reaching out for that
Which has been locked in the furthest parts of our souls.
Your deepest fear isn’t that you are inadequate. Your deepest fear is truth.
What you choose without the slightest care of what they might think of you.
Our deepest fear is creation.
Your deepest fear is reason.
My deepest fear is ego.


Twitter skit(interlude)
Tweet as a bird, no retweets
Twitter game weak as a tweet, 0 followers.
I twitch at the twit of your tweets.
Twittering and giggling, googling for things to tweet.
Sharing inside stories, tweezing personal feelings with tweezers for the sake of twitter.
I twitter and tweet, music from a tweeter, addicted to twitter.


How long between birth and death?
Between love and hate?
How long between commitments and the break ups?
I’m not good at byes, you might see me cry.
We’ve grown attached like twins. Siamese.
Emotions all over the place. Universal? Continental? National?
Hormones of a junkie in need of a sniff. Cocaine.
The length of time we have left is too short for me to do everything right.
Our perimeter is shrinking by the minute.
The center cannot hold. Things might fall apart.
Insecurities crippling my thoughts.
My brain is paralyzed with fear.
Fear of getting erased from your memory.
Insert here the new guy: _________
Now my mind has been diagnosed with cancer.
I shave my head bald and smoke on them medicals and try to think straight in a supine position.
Treatment getting intense.
Your replies getting a bit delayed.
I might be trying too hard so I lift my foot off the pedal.
Hoping to not get overtaken.
I think we need space. This is all so lonesome.
I find myself constantly staring into space.
Longer days, longer nights. September. My personal equinox.
Let me be your knight in shiny armor. With the movements of a knight trying to spell out his feelings.
But I’m only allowed to move in L’s.
Love or lust regardless what’s the difference?
I can’t stand myself, this is getting lame so I clip my legs and trip hoping to fall in love. Love is lost.
Cancer has spread through the whole body.
I do not have long left.
Pick up the phone don’t leave me alone in this cruel, cruel world.


Chapter 12(outro)
In all things give thanks to God.
At all times praise His name.
For it is by His grace that I am here writing this and you are there reading it.
Dear reader, I can’t quite describe the feeling that fills me when I think of God.
Words can’t describe it because words won’t do it justice.
I cannot say I’m a changed man, but I’ve fully acknowledged Jesus as my main man.
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and God gives to those who ask.
Troubles will come but in him I’m not troubled.
2015 had it’s moments of ups and downs.
2015 has been a year of growth in all aspects of my life.
I thank God for everyone in my life.
I thank all the people in my life.
To the old. I thank you for still being there.
To the new. I thank you for accepting me.
I pray that God continues to be the light that shines and the shepherd that leads us towards the kingdom.
Help us to be who you meant for us to be and may your word never leave us.
Continue to inspire us each day of our lives with your works. Amen.


Welcome to heartbreak ( Lamentations )

Questions ( Why )

One man dies; a baby is being born
Life is a hub of happiness and a place of sufferings
Floods destroy while others cry for rain
10pm in Accra but already tomorrow in Cape Town
Too many people watching broadwalk empire
Narrow gate is too small for us to find
Bible said we’re created in the image of the Lord
God is love yet love and lust we can’t tell the difference
Love don’t go the way it came
Man starts seeing girl his daughters age
Wife is sleeping with son’s bestfriend
All they share now is the house they live in
Love don’t go the way love came…

You are the plague to my being, the pain of my thoughts
I am the scourge of your flesh and only the devil is greater
My heart is crushed, your spirit is broken
Your soul is lost, my body weakened
We’re caught in the state of after love
Locked up in the county jail of ignorance
Your eyes can no longer cry
I’ve never seen you wetter baby
Nocturnal emissions have shunned
I’ve never been so sterile baby
I see your desperate plight and feel your grip loosening
“Quick do something?”
I bombard you with hopeless X’s and O’s
With the hope of saving you from falling
Afraid of being lonely, I hug you the more tighter
Isolated in your fear, you pray I do not let go
Suffering from abandonment issues
We’re perfect for each other
How bitter is our fate!
“I shed my light for you
You shared your life with me
In the hope that one day, maybe one day
Eternity smiles upon us with love”
Our happiness has been captured
And taken to distant lands
My pain has become my master
No one to help me
Your beauty is like a starving deer
Searching for pasture
All you do is groan and hide your face
Our eyes grow dim with tears
Hearts heavy with load
Souls empty and desolate
A place haunted by jackals!
“We’ve risen to the height of success
This should be forever baby
Search into my eyes and show me who you see
You’ve stolen my heart to put me in a cardiac arrest
Look inside my heart and tell me what you find
I’ve captured your mind causing a trauma to your brain”
I always thought that we’ll be together
I always knew we’ll be together
Open up your mouth and take a sip
I pour out my heart to you
Now we find our thoughts fleeting, knowledge anemic
An empty heart for a thirsty tongue
I lament for roads untraveled
You weep for sights unseen
My carelessness has wrecked our thrill
Your range of vision has been reduced to endless suspicion
My feelings told me all is lost
The body said to fight for love
I’ve led you to the lion’s den
You’ve placed me in the fiery furnace!
“This could be forever baby
Never seen a face that brighter
I give myself no rest
Grant my eyes no relief
You are the thesis of my prayers
The basis to my living
I am the nucleus of your image
The sunrise to your day and only
Jesus Christ is greater.”

The lust of the flesh, Life can be better

Now that I’m the life of the party, I rule the world and everything in it                                      The born sinner
The once upon a time saint
The Sundays are for Christ but other days for the world guy
I am a part of the seed that fell among the thorns
My life is in a frequency of earthly desires
So I surround myself with everything bright and colorful
You live in standard definition
I’m talking high definition
Better grab yourself an LCD screen and come join us
Ask me what my purpose in life is and I’ll tell you to mind your own business
While I tune my mind to the record in the background and dance along with the crowd
My conscience prompts me to do right but everyone is turning left
This world is my natural habitat and
I’ve developed uncontrollable habits
How do I make the right decisions
In the heat of the moment?

It’s the biggest orgy in town and the entourage have come prepared
With a little bit of everything ranging from pills to potions
It’s our hope that you’re ready for some drama tonight because life is short
And you only live once
Welcome to the good life
Party is at the climax with the speakers in full vibration
Causing the ground to tremor with what we call good music
I look straight ahead and fix my eyes on this glorious looking creature
Standing all alone in the corner
Our eyes meet and she motions for me to come over
She puts her arms around me and with a brazen look she says:
“You’re the one I am looking for”
Seduced by her pretty speech and enticed by her flattery
She leads me to the dance floor
Like an Ox going to the slaughter
Like a bird flying into a snare
I was caught like a stag caught in a trap
Awaiting the arrow that would pierce my heart
My pelvis is screwed tight to her rump
Hands lingering all over this voluptuous daughter of Jezebel
I close my eyes to allow for the ecstasy to run through my whole being
Our bodies are in sync and we’ve become one
Magnetized by the perfume of sexuality emanating from each other
Aroused by the touch of a woman she’s Delilah and you could call me Samson
For I would gladly spill my secrets without her asking
She leans in and whispers in my ear
“My bed is spread with beautiful blankets
Come let’s enjoy each other’s caresses”
This is the heat of the moment and I’m suddenly on heat
For reasoning has been overthrown by the introduction of lust
I’m governed by my senses now
they are ravenous
It’s twilight, she’s the vampire and I’m prepared to let her take a bite
I’m thinking about that sex
Thinking about her breasts
Or maybe kissing on her neck
Or maybe what positions next
The lust in me cannot hold and
I will explode with passion
I wake up at the wrong side of the bed to realize I’m late
My Sundays are synonymous to church
I rush out and promise to come back the next day
Beautiful death!

Imagine a little boy who enjoys story books
He enjoys them because the stories are very short
Very bright pictures, few words, lots of color
He sees his father read a book it has no pictures, it isn’t short
In fact it’s very long, smaller font sizes very opposite his book
He looks at his book and his father’s book
To him his is more exciting than what his dad is reading
And he doesn’t understand how a person can enjoy
Such a long and boring book
No pictures, the story is too long, too many pages
But what he fails to understand is that
What he enjoys is just a fragment of what his dad is enjoying
For in truth what he relishes
Is just the simplified form if what his dad is enjoying
We go through life thinking life is short, have fun, it’s colorful
The true life isn’t short, colorful, dancing, jumping
There’s a better life of righteousness
And if we walk in that righteousness
We wouldn’t go back to the other life of
Simplicity, jumping about and thinking we’re having the good life.                                       What say you?