she (Word) (unfinished)

The whole world playing church
Majoring in the minor
Seeing with the eyes of men
All we do is act religion (Church)

She was clingy, I was the repellent
I believed in love stories but did not like the direction this was headed
Head to toe she was average to human eyes
She was plain ordinary and would not let go
Your looks were so ordinary to the eyes
And the desperation of those attempts to entice me into your presence was real
I often catch the stolen glances thrown in my direction
But refuse to hold on to them
Those angel eyes I seek is in stark contrast
To what you hold with no sparkle in them
I marvel at your comical advances
Yet shield myself from anything aimed at me
Over and over I look you over
But what I smell under my nose is desperation
It irks me the confidence she carries
That one day we will dwell together
I get irritated at her assured calm despite seeing the
‘No Trespass Zone’
Tattooed boldly on my forehead
I visualize Rachel
But all I see parked in front of me
Is an unmovable, unshakable Leah
Exactly what do you see in me
That makes you bathe in such a relentless flow of rejection and still feel fresh?
Her shameless refusal to let go has me cursing in public
Then she said to me:
“Delight yourself in me and I will give you the desires of your heart”
I ask for an explanation to her cryptic words
She appraises me with her now soft eyes and whispers:
“Only believe”
That is the conclusion I grant myself
That is the verdict of the jury
Thinking Out Loud
She runs my mind now and I am walking around constantly thinking of her words
I fight my thoughts repeatedly but always lose to a unanimous decision
I assure myself all I want is to quench this thirst.

She is walking in the public park…..
I take a step forward then hold myself back (cont’d)

Beyond life

Emptiness. A hollow frame
Shame. A naked man
Bare. A plain canvas
From ashes to ashes
And dust to dust
That is the shadow of a man
And it is the ground he walks upon
Cursed is the ground because you reign
You pay each man’s wages for their work
They toil under the sun and wither away
They slave in the rain and are washed away
Some obeyed your decrees and were rewarded
Others rebelled in your kingdom and got punished
But your reward and punishment is one
In the end
Tomorrow is not promised here
And even though they fight
Even though they accept your rule
All men are accused to the ground
That is his constant
That is the only certainty of his life
You are their end
Capturing thoughts and torturing hearts
You are their beginning
Men have been programmed to love the darkness
Their minds are inked to a primeval source of information
In the beginning
Darkness was all over the face of the deep
Sin reigned and death ruled
For all had sinned
And the sting of sin is death
But as it was
Light was called from the darkness
And what was once shapeless had form
The empty became full
As it was in the garden
I sought after the other tree and took a bite from its fruit
Behold I see light
I lift up my eyes and see mountains moving
And lilies dressed in splendour along the valleys
I look to the skies and see multiple rainbows
With rays of sunlight shooting through the clouds
O what a sight to behold
O what glory!
Endless love flowing constantly like rivers of living waters
By the rivers of Babylon I lay down in green pastures
The calmness of my surroundings restores my soul
From victory unto victory
Glory to glory
For I am free.
Once I lived in the land of men
They say nobody knows tomorrow
And every word that came from our lips was controlled
Our minds were subject to death
Our hearts was a den of emotions
In the land of men the flesh rules
I once lived in the land of men
Here we speak what we see
And we are moved by what we see
We were sons of circumstances
Yielding our lives to the control of the material
In the land of men we had one language and a common speech
What if I don’t make it in life?
I’m afraid of what others would think of me
All this thinking and writing is making me stressed
I have a headache
After all we are not perfect. Sometimes we will fall.
In the land of men we exchanged our souls for dust
In the land of men the information given us was fear
Here we learned to fail.
Now I find myself in another realm
And I see transparent looking men
They look like men but their ways are different
Every word from their lips is life
In their mouths are swords
They send their words to do what they say
Their minds fixed on God
And their hearts are pregnant with the word of God
Here the spirit lives
They speak what they want to see
And it is so.
I am writing this to inform you that I have found my home.
In the kingdom of God, Christ is our salvation
And all things are possible
All we do is believe and speak.
We all carry the kingdom in our hearts
Open your hearts and see
Fear not, only believe.

….The Truth Shall Set You Free

Let’s analyze the truth here. Where’s the story for our truth analyses? Well there’s no story but let’s analyze the truth anyway. What’s truth? Honestly I can’t put it in words but I’m sure I know what truth is. We always face decisions every second of our lives and there are only two outcomes to these: truth or other? As humans, most of us weigh up the options and normally take the easiest option we feel available which in most cases isn’t the truth.
Why do we do that? Simple..I just explained it, we feel the need to take the cheapest way out. The phrase “….the truth shall set you free” seems easy to relate to when we aren’t faced with any choices to take but as soon as a decision is to be made that phrase mostly isn’t in consideration. What is truth? Truth is good. Good is such a broad term, but really truth is good. I recently decided to try to live an entire day without lying. Honestly, I don’t know how I fared but it felt really good because it made me happy knowing I’m being straight with my self with everything and not having to try and put on a charade for anyone. I felt light actually. No real problems weighing on me and I found my self smiling a lot. Now the problem with this was I noticed that I was a really good liar that I started believing some of my lies. So when I decided to try and go a whole day without lying I struggled at first because I had to think before giving an answer. I’m not saying the truth is pretty. It could be pretty, bad, nasty but once it’s the truth it’s the truth and it shall set us free. Standing for the truth is supposed to be easy as that’s the right path, but is it? Surely I’m not the only one who feels the truth mostly creates more harm at first than good. That’s the funny aspect and the striking difference between the truth and the lie. The lie really seems sweet in the beginning and everything is alright whiles the truth seems difficult at the onset but lies no matter how good we feel they are never lasts and eventually the truth comes out. So why can’t I just get the truth over with and leave the rest to God. For in everything we do, at the end if the day the truth prevails. This isn’t even rocket science or religion it’s just life and one of its laws. What is truth? Truth is God. In the beginning God created the world and designated mankind in charge of everything in it except one. The fruit of the tree of knowledge. But mankind’s heart was corrupted by the devil (the lie) and we know what happened next. The lie became sin and sin in turn death. But some two thousand years ago Jesus being the way, truth and life came to live among men to show us what truth is like. He died for our lies, conquered it and now the truth is made available to us by believing in Him and giving ourselves whole hearted to Him. “Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:14.
Good vs evil, truth vs lie? Deep down we know who always wins, aren’t we winners? Let’s root for the winning team and stick with them forever. Amen