in time

If time is the narcotic for pain…let me disappear To a place where time does not exist Let me go somewhere, anywhere and preach the gospel of futility If time heals all wounds Let this be cold history and let us be patient while wait on tomorrow  “Maybe we need space” Tunes of yesterday stuck […]

He Let Go

He lies on his bed thinking back and reflecting how a once perfect affinity has now become whatever it has; What went wrong he whispers looking at the ceiling as if staring at the stars; Not long ago he thought, no, he knew they could conquer the world together; Each day brought more beauty he […]

Love Left Undefined

Much has been made and said about the word love. Right from the beginning the world was set in love. Sin tried to come between this eternal bond between man and his creator. Jesus’ mission on earth was made complete by the crucifixion and ascension to heaven. Surely this isn’t a new topic for us […]