Then the eyes of them both were opened
Suddenly i heard illustrations of illusions made real
I saw storms
Of torrents and of waves
Outshining in the pretence where mirages once deceived
Fallacies is parading around town, dressed in truth

Intense wails echo
Filling the labor ward with weeping and mourning
Rachel refuses to be comforted, her cries dominate the land
Pangs and anguish of men choke the earth
Turn on the news
Blood drained skulls reflect sorrows of forever
Turn on the news
Hailstorms of fire consumes the Sahara into a layer of ice
All men shiver, suffering from colds
Temperature is negative, July

There is a shaking in the atmosphere
The sun and moon glower from the cold grey skies
There is a stir above our heads
Stars refuse to shine
Run, run, the sky is falling

Sound the alarm in the skies above
Lightening scurries along the heart of the earth
Listen, listen closely to the rumblings above all sounds
Hear the battlecry and look to the heavens
War is waging
For kingdoms and realms
By angels and rebels
There is a war brewing
Michael stands against the dragon

Cool whispering breeze blows against deciduous trees
Causing a soft rustle among October leaves
Raindrops trickle down from oceans on high
Tears stream down faces of hurt
Starry nights in autumn
Become a constellation of shooting stars
Morning star, son of the dawn!
O how you have fallen from heaven
You who were once the phoenix

Is this the one who shook the earth
And made kingdoms tremble?
Gravity, Gravity



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