Friday nights

Wolves howling in the open
The full moon spinning
Raining down different tones of hue
In and endless cycle

Dilated pupils reveal the blatant lust in our eyes
Shock waves jolting our minds into imagery
Generating a mental buzz with amps of currents in this charged atmosphere
The words we see are full of blurs
Imaginations slurred by sights too heavy to speak
Clinks ring in unison
Say cheers and keep watering
A satisfying high filling our senses
A cloud of smoke saturated by puffs
Swirling about us in a gloomy haze
Take out your umbrellas and let it rain

Glorious things are spoken of you
City of God
I have a testimony

Abracadabra, open sesame
Wingardium Leviosa
Levitate. Levitate. Levitate
Ascending to Heaven. Levitate
On that Chris Angel. Levitate
Seeking the golden snitch. Levitate
Stuck on level 6-1, living off shrooms
Our only mission, rescue the princess
Oysters and shiitake’s but I prefer buttons

And I am filled with air, rising
And I feel as though I am a pagan, babbling
And I feel in control
And I am all alone on an island, remote
But I cannot feel my face
And I am drowning.


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