April 19

Flickering switches
But it is dim and it is slowly rising
Slowly dying out
lit…on and off
On and off

On the kitchen stool lies the burning lamp.                         Awaiting dawn, framing hope

The morning light yawns
Flittering across the skies
The morning star peeps
Creeping along the face of the earth
Genesis is smiling, rising from the east
Glowing in radiance
Shining brighter and brighter
And brighter unto the perfect light
Reflections on grey
All that glitters is hope

Blind eyes filled with darkness
The bloody darkness burning in fire
A shimmering thud
Dead hearts blush

Showers of blessings, a thousand suns
Green sprouts from the brown below
Seeds of hope immersed into the heart beneath
Life is scattered in the heat of the day
Sweat drips unto the ground accursed
Thorns and thistles fight for my attention
Bloodshot eyes filled with fire

The fiery furnace turning blue
I fix my eyes on red.
Shades of red.
18, 19, 20

Today is eternal, oh sing to me forever
A harvest of love
A time to reap
The future germinates in our hearts
Into Strawberry fields
I find milk from your warm embrace
Flesh from my flesh
Bone from my bone

Pink skies, orange suns
Blood moons, pitch skies
Grabbing fistfuls of nothing
In motions too slow
Falling, we are falling
Ascending in the moonwalk
On the way down
Thank God for shooting stars
Remember forever and make a wish
O say something, I can see the end

Burnt faces, ashen hearts
Make a wish
And Say forever

Unable to swallow, forever is a lump
A clot of blood stuck on repeat
Tomorrow is nostalgia
Today is forever

Faded glories,
Longing for the day
Waiting for another dawn



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