You are the perfection of beauty There is a face all men seek Like honey to the lips Where frankincense is mixed with rapture Lifting hearts above the starry nights Close your eyes and receive sight A fragrance soaked in ecstasy A place of peace and of rest Slowing down to a tempo of shh […]

Friday nights

Wolves howling in the open The full moon spinning Raining down different tones of hue In and endless cycle Dilated pupils reveal the blatant lust in our eyes Shock waves jolting our minds into imagery Generating a mental buzz with amps of currents in this charged atmosphere The words we see are full of blurs […]

April 19

Flickering switches But it is dim and it is slowly rising Slowly dying out lit…on and off On and off Flickering On the kitchen stool lies the burning lamp.                         Awaiting dawn, framing hope The morning light yawns Flittering across the skies The morning […]