This is a jam

Let’s slow down

Come, jam with me

My mind is a mess It is rush hour Thoughts multiplying at an alarming rate

Information overwhelming my brain

This is a jam

Explosive words beat my heart causing my being to quake



What now??

I have run out of excuses. Run out.    Of ideas,   I have Run out of patience.

I have lost my temper I’m walking in-a-haste, falling. INLOVE


Herbivorous lions suffering from sore throa…..

Simba is all alone with an amputated spirit

Limping on the little pride he still has

Lifting rocks, eating bugs with Timone and pumb…

The devil is not out there, the mind is the battleground.

Painting pictures of deception with the eyes of medusa…     DO NOT LOOK AT HER! refuse to accept what pictur……

The gospel is available for free

Update your minds to this way of life

Download     the manual of success into your hearts an…..


….. I am not a storyteller, I reveal truth

Do not call me a poet,

I am a prophet

Good tidings, good tidings of comfort and joy

I bring to you life in words

The spoken word in a common tongue

Open your mind and let me slide down the heart

Unwrap my words under the tree of life

And feast on God


…… the brain has been filled with fiction

Newspapers, movies, illusions

Little things move my heart, I am a victim

My mind is unstable as the waves of the sea

When the storms came and trouble raged

Like bread my heart broke

Now I am sinking but there is no Jesus

So I drowned not knowing I was waterproof


…… I am a man on a mission

An athlete with a torch

Running with the mandate from above

I am that burning desire in the hearts of men

Quenching worldly lusts and torching canal minds

With a gentle touch I caress your spirit

I am God, I am the vision

I am God, I am spirit

Hovering over the face of oblivion

I am God, I am a verb

Cultivating the earth with words of life

Let, let there be, let us, let us make…


…… the man seeks approval

The heart needs information

There is a sea of life

This is the living waters

Calling all by the sound of the waves

Men rushed in like the sands on the shore

Following one another in a chain with cups

Still, some brought buckets

I saw a man even arrive with an army of tanks

Satisfaction in his eyes as he filled his tanks

But wisdom, O wisdom!

Wisdom lays a pipeline from the sea to her home


…… we have bet our lives on the word

And letting go is not an option

Holding on tighter than we did yesterday

Clutching on to conviction and changing gears according to our increased level of belief as the seconds tick

Talk. All we do is speak the language of the master

Torque. I can see everything turning around for my good

Have a party. Let’s feast and dine

They do not understand

But we know, it has worked!

…… I am stepping out in the rain

Extending my hand for your heart

I am soaked in love, and completion beats down on me hard

I squint to see a smile and smile back at the smiling sun!

I am drenched in joy, washed in Heaven

Suddenly the world is perfect

Suddenly it’s just us

Driving off like we used to

Seeing righteousness in each other’s soul

Beholding beauty with the eyes of attraction

A perfect picture of eternity

An endless movie called timeless

Intertwined in our personal intimacy

But we became tangled up in the sands of time

Losing track of tomorrow, a lack of training on our parts

We got lost in the song and hit pause by mistake

Between us was a distance increased by the length of time

But this is more than a feeling It is more than emotions fleeting

Distance and time we have learnt to control

And now we have found ourselves at the right time to control what we left to chance

We did not find each other for another romantic date.

We came to subdue. We choose to rule

We have not come to merely hug and kiss

We are synced in dominance

In your heart is the empire you seek

In my hands are the keys to life

We have come to create.

A living, breathing beast.


Press play


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