Imagine chasing heaven
The futuristic glory of your visualizations
A place named perfect
A space where everything is whiter than snow
Yet brighter than a thousand suns of hope
The ability to live after death
A Shangri-La of the afterlife
Utopia for the righteous walking dead
A series of zombies in halos dressed in splendor
The mighty king sitting on his throne
Judging the dead by their deeds alive
Imagine thinking your deeds is the answer to salvation
A child led astray by the pied piper
Living under grace, functioning in the law
The rigidity of the word to the flesh
A slave to ideologies
A teacher of religious law
Living in constant check
The pretense of a pious bishop among pawns. Check
Squaring as a knight and rebelling against his king. Check
A Pharisee. Checkmate
We missed the bus to our baptism when I was 14
Did we not fulfill all righteousness?
I missed the opportunity to witness the open heavens
To hear the pride filled voice of God concerning me
Did we break scripture?
The voice calling in the wilderness
Did we not hear him?
He came to prepare the way but we got lost
Baptized with water yet we missed him
When my brother and I arrived at the church
The bus had left for Jordan
Imagine Nicodemus
A leader without power
A teacher with no knowledge
A man in the kosmos
Imagine being born again
The impossibilities that accompany that statement
Imagine assuming you know
Yet wallow in despair
Imagine being born again
Thinking you are the body
Imagine assuming you know
An emotional establishment
Imagine being born again
Thinking yourself a sinner
Imagine assuming you know
The redundancy of your prayers
Imagine being born again
Operating from the kosmos
Imagine assuming you know
An aion inhabited by serpents
Imagine being born again
Thinking the devil is a factor
Imagine assuming you know
Giving needless attention to defeat
I pray you find my words
I hope you gain insight
Imagine thinking I am a man
I come to you as God.


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