This is a jam Let’s slow down Come, jam with me My mind is a mess It is rush hour Thoughts multiplying at an alarming rate Information overwhelming my brain This is a jam Explosive words beat my heart causing my being to quake What?   What now?? I have run out of excuses. Run […]


Imagine chasing heaven The futuristic glory of your visualizations A place named perfect A space where everything is whiter than snow Yet brighter than a thousand suns of hope The ability to live after death A Shangri-La of the afterlife Utopia for the righteous walking dead A series of zombies in halos dressed in splendor […]

she (Word) (unfinished)

Church Church The whole world playing church Majoring in the minor Seeing with the eyes of men All we do is act religion (Church) She was clingy, I was the repellent I believed in love stories but did not like the direction this was headed Head to toe she was average to human eyes She […]