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Who do you love?

is it that guy always happy

you look at her and feel extremely lucky

Life bright with affection, extremely sunny

cannot wait to see his face, acting perky

the center of your world, capital city

the foundation of your life, strong and sturdy

your personal brand of heroin, a drug junkie

a true Hollywood beauty, Angelina Jolie

in short he’s the one, Jet Li

time spent together moves too quickly

doesn’t get better than this, heavenly

moving too fast, furiously

summertime over, weather cloudy

winter is coming, Catelyn Tully

growing slightly apart, paths diverging

he’s trying too hard, getting clumsy

her responses are a beat late, dilly dallying

the center cannot hold, tsunami

things fall apart, Chinua Achebe

all feelings become numb eventually

you look at her and all you see is plain ordinary

you talk to him and find nothing extraordinary

now ask yourself

who do you love?


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