I had a dream I was in heaven. Took it as a sign from God that I am touched.
Suddenly I wake up to the heat of this world. Hell, I’m back to reality.
Basqiuat painting the Mona Lisa, I’m Stephen King writing a Ludlum novel.
When dream meets reality and reality is a contradiction. What becomes of the dream?
The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.
The Lord is my rock and my foundation whom should I fear?
And yet I fear it all.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear all evil.
I fear life, death, success, failure, riches, poverty, love, hate….
I fear it all.
So what happens when dream meets reality and reality is fear?
Do you keep on dreaming or wake up and accept what you see?
Who is your god and what drives you on?
Who do you talk to when you pray?
Why go down on your knees to pray when you know you can’t speak right?
The Lord is my shepherd
Words I speak; songs I sing.
Just words with no strings attached.
My shoulders are slumped from the weight of my yoke.
Life is burdensome. Life is heavy.
I’m tired and in need of rest so I stop on the way to sleep on my problems.
I wake up alive with fear, clothed in anger.
Angry at all, and yet anxious for everything.
Moved by what I see, yet everything is negative.
Life is shrouded under a cloud of fear, raining worry and pessimism each day.
Da Vinci trapped in a Picasso
I’m Herod the great teaching the gospel.
My potential rendered impotent
She told me I was different, a king destined to rule.
I believed and put my trust in her words.
Sleeping at night, he came to steal this dream, to kill her and destroy my home.
I wake up to find my mother gone; her words follow her to the grave.
Now I sit on a throne of self-pity with no subjects to rule.
I sit on a throne of self-pity, wearing a crown of worry and constantly drinking doubt from my golden chalice.
I used to dream I was in heaven, now I have vivid nightmares in the belly of the beast.
Nightmares that have become reality.
Nightmares that do not go away.
So I pray to God to show his face.
I pray to God to show his face.


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