I sought after the shape of life to no avail.
I find a house in the desert.
Thirsty. I knock to find the place deserted.
Round and round we go. Driving in circles.
Walking in straight lines.
All around, relationships are springing up like wells.
Her life is a constant drought.
Our fountain of youth is running out.
Winter of life sniffs around. Trying to find an opening.
Windows is shutting down, doors locked tight.
Everything is without form and void.
Loneliness moves over the face of darkness.
On your mark! Light is near.
No. Scratch that.
Apologies for almost veering wide of the mark.
This is not the creation story
Where I end with how man disobeyed and took a bite from an apple.
Life is slowly passing her by, faith becometh impatience.
Touch. I remember touch.
Pictures came with touch.
A girl looking for love. Tell me what you see.
Kiss. Suddenly alive. A physical delight.
The world is based on physicality with love a great lie.
Come. Enjoy food and feed your flesh.
The way and the truth.
Alas. The light has finally arrived.
<<<<< let’s rewind.
On your mark! Light is near.
Now scratch scratch that.
Let there be light!
Touch. Tell me what you see.
Lust is the way and the truth.
The light shining in her world cannot be dimmed.
A creature of contact to satisfy your soul.


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