Welcome to heartbreak ( Lamentations )

Questions ( Why )

One man dies; a baby is being born
Life is a hub of happiness and a place of sufferings
Floods destroy while others cry for rain
10pm in Accra but already tomorrow in Cape Town
Too many people watching broadwalk empire
Narrow gate is too small for us to find
Bible said we’re created in the image of the Lord
God is love yet love and lust we can’t tell the difference
Love don’t go the way it came
Man starts seeing girl his daughters age
Wife is sleeping with son’s bestfriend
All they share now is the house they live in
Love don’t go the way love came…

You are the plague to my being, the pain of my thoughts
I am the scourge of your flesh and only the devil is greater
My heart is crushed, your spirit is broken
Your soul is lost, my body weakened
We’re caught in the state of after love
Locked up in the county jail of ignorance
Your eyes can no longer cry
I’ve never seen you wetter baby
Nocturnal emissions have shunned
I’ve never been so sterile baby
I see your desperate plight and feel your grip loosening
“Quick do something?”
I bombard you with hopeless X’s and O’s
With the hope of saving you from falling
Afraid of being lonely, I hug you the more tighter
Isolated in your fear, you pray I do not let go
Suffering from abandonment issues
We’re perfect for each other
How bitter is our fate!
“I shed my light for you
You shared your life with me
In the hope that one day, maybe one day
Eternity smiles upon us with love”
Our happiness has been captured
And taken to distant lands
My pain has become my master
No one to help me
Your beauty is like a starving deer
Searching for pasture
All you do is groan and hide your face
Our eyes grow dim with tears
Hearts heavy with load
Souls empty and desolate
A place haunted by jackals!
“We’ve risen to the height of success
This should be forever baby
Search into my eyes and show me who you see
You’ve stolen my heart to put me in a cardiac arrest
Look inside my heart and tell me what you find
I’ve captured your mind causing a trauma to your brain”
I always thought that we’ll be together
I always knew we’ll be together
Open up your mouth and take a sip
I pour out my heart to you
Now we find our thoughts fleeting, knowledge anemic
An empty heart for a thirsty tongue
I lament for roads untraveled
You weep for sights unseen
My carelessness has wrecked our thrill
Your range of vision has been reduced to endless suspicion
My feelings told me all is lost
The body said to fight for love
I’ve led you to the lion’s den
You’ve placed me in the fiery furnace!
“This could be forever baby
Never seen a face that brighter
I give myself no rest
Grant my eyes no relief
You are the thesis of my prayers
The basis to my living
I am the nucleus of your image
The sunrise to your day and only
Jesus Christ is greater.”