The lust of the flesh, Life can be better

Now that I’m the life of the party, I rule the world and everything in it                                      The born sinner
The once upon a time saint
The Sundays are for Christ but other days for the world guy
I am a part of the seed that fell among the thorns
My life is in a frequency of earthly desires
So I surround myself with everything bright and colorful
You live in standard definition
I’m talking high definition
Better grab yourself an LCD screen and come join us
Ask me what my purpose in life is and I’ll tell you to mind your own business
While I tune my mind to the record in the background and dance along with the crowd
My conscience prompts me to do right but everyone is turning left
This world is my natural habitat and
I’ve developed uncontrollable habits
How do I make the right decisions
In the heat of the moment?

It’s the biggest orgy in town and the entourage have come prepared
With a little bit of everything ranging from pills to potions
It’s our hope that you’re ready for some drama tonight because life is short
And you only live once
Welcome to the good life
Party is at the climax with the speakers in full vibration
Causing the ground to tremor with what we call good music
I look straight ahead and fix my eyes on this glorious looking creature
Standing all alone in the corner
Our eyes meet and she motions for me to come over
She puts her arms around me and with a brazen look she says:
“You’re the one I am looking for”
Seduced by her pretty speech and enticed by her flattery
She leads me to the dance floor
Like an Ox going to the slaughter
Like a bird flying into a snare
I was caught like a stag caught in a trap
Awaiting the arrow that would pierce my heart
My pelvis is screwed tight to her rump
Hands lingering all over this voluptuous daughter of Jezebel
I close my eyes to allow for the ecstasy to run through my whole being
Our bodies are in sync and we’ve become one
Magnetized by the perfume of sexuality emanating from each other
Aroused by the touch of a woman she’s Delilah and you could call me Samson
For I would gladly spill my secrets without her asking
She leans in and whispers in my ear
“My bed is spread with beautiful blankets
Come let’s enjoy each other’s caresses”
This is the heat of the moment and I’m suddenly on heat
For reasoning has been overthrown by the introduction of lust
I’m governed by my senses now
they are ravenous
It’s twilight, she’s the vampire and I’m prepared to let her take a bite
I’m thinking about that sex
Thinking about her breasts
Or maybe kissing on her neck
Or maybe what positions next
The lust in me cannot hold and
I will explode with passion
I wake up at the wrong side of the bed to realize I’m late
My Sundays are synonymous to church
I rush out and promise to come back the next day
Beautiful death!

Imagine a little boy who enjoys story books
He enjoys them because the stories are very short
Very bright pictures, few words, lots of color
He sees his father read a book it has no pictures, it isn’t short
In fact it’s very long, smaller font sizes very opposite his book
He looks at his book and his father’s book
To him his is more exciting than what his dad is reading
And he doesn’t understand how a person can enjoy
Such a long and boring book
No pictures, the story is too long, too many pages
But what he fails to understand is that
What he enjoys is just a fragment of what his dad is enjoying
For in truth what he relishes
Is just the simplified form if what his dad is enjoying
We go through life thinking life is short, have fun, it’s colorful
The true life isn’t short, colorful, dancing, jumping
There’s a better life of righteousness
And if we walk in that righteousness
We wouldn’t go back to the other life of
Simplicity, jumping about and thinking we’re having the good life.                                       What say you?