Three Word Scale

Balance the equation
What’s your solution
Life without balance
Desert without sand
Weigh your life
How many kilos
All about equilibrium
Stability is key
Pray to God
Ask for wisdom
Read the Bible
Book of Proverbs
Learn from ants
Labor in summer
Gather for winter
Life is real
Let’s wake up
Sun is up
Time to grind
A little sleep
A little slumber
Poverty will pounce
Scarcity on attack
Believe in karma
Good and bad
Mind = sponge
Protect your brain
Watch your tongue
Use few words
Control your emotions
Own your self
It’s your body
Keep in check
Believe in yourself
Stand for something
Humility precedes honor
Honor your mother
Obey your father
Live to love
Love is patient
Love is kind
It endures forever
Balance your life
Learn to love
Close your eyes
Pray to God
Open your eyes
Expecting a miracle.

Lust Of The Eyes: I

Once upon a time after church, walking with the homies, sharing our stories, a guy caught sight of a bird.

Flying all solo, no she wasn’t dodo, target locked in, I’m the terminator, about to terminate her, call me inamorato.

The lust in my eyes, pray she shares my vision, undress her in my mind, I hope we use protection.

I focus on my prey, time to get in motion, I’m real smooth, hear I move like jagger.

“Hey my name is Zee, let me be your guide, I promise I don’t bite”, to which she said aight, morale is sky high.

I take her on tour, show her to the guys, a brother’s filled with pride, she’s the perfect score.

This craving growing stronger, I might explode with passion, need to move faster.

I call her every night, height of my plan is to treat her right, listen to her talk, imagining other things.

Now she says she loves me, I just wanna hit, so I say I love her, yes, the time is nigh.

She calls me to her place, whoa oh my daze, I don’t hesitate, I race through space.

Planned to perfection, everything was on point, I applaud myself and cross her off my list.

She says she thought I loved her, to which I do ask her, “What’s love got to do with this?”

Somehow I feel bad for her, but what can I say: What the eyes have seen, the body must get.