Too many Ginger Bread Men running from their maker to be eaten by the fox. Too many Red Riding Hoods riding ignorantly in life to be swallowed by the wolf. Too many Jack and Jills, rushing up the hill, do not last the thrill, everything goes downhill. Too many children being led away by the […]


The cock crows 3 times, I wake up aged 24. Another day and the hustle and bustle that comes with. You know it’s a miracle when you make it out of bed, take time to thank He who made it possible for you to be alive. I’m physically fit, mentally sound. Thank you God for […]

Dear Lord

Dear Lord forgive me for I have sinned. Where do I start? This life far too cruel and I might quit. Sometimes I wonder what my destination would have been had I not eaten from that tree. Blame Adam not me. Pleasures of this world far too appealing for my lethargic spirit. Spiritually my cup […]


18 She’s 18. Physically she’s got the body of a woman, created in the radiant image of her maker. Psychologically an advanced model to her peers. And Lord knows she beautiful. 18 with a bright future and a faded past. In her short existence she’s lived the nomadic life, shuffled between mom and dad. Mostly […]