Eyram’s Song (Unfinished)

I hear muffled sounds of a cry nearby, abruptly I awake to see a silhouette in the corner of the room, the lights are out, it’s pitch black, I try squinting, nothing, but the cries continue to ring across the room like a doorbell, surely I’m still dreaming so I pinch myself to wake up….OUCH!! […]

Ecclesiastes (Bondage)

Meaningless meaningless, everything is meaningless! Gethsemane: the spirit is willing, the body weak. Mentally enslaved, in a state of calvary. Married to conformity, till death do us part. The crowd, O this crowd of Gethsemane. We have all eaten from the fruit and are loose, Old Testament. We know no sin. Everything is permissible, everything […]

Ecclesiastes (Optical Grove)

Pardon my hiatus for me and my thoughts have tried to continue forming words. Anytime I hold the pen, zilch. Writers block they say, but this block heavy. Feels like a millstone tied against my neck, dropped in the deepest part of the pacific. I am under, drowning. Creativity deserts me, my brain a desert. […]