He Let Go

He lies on his bed thinking back and reflecting how a once perfect affinity has now become whatever it has;

What went wrong he whispers looking at the ceiling as if staring at the stars;

Not long ago he thought, no, he knew they could conquer the world together;

Each day brought more beauty he never knew existed;

He always knew he had a deep affection for her;

Clearly at first it was a crush, but with more time together grew a tree blossoming with fruits of love;

But he couldn’t bring himself to tell her how he truly felt fearing the worst;

He thought it wise rather to write a story about their connection only to get what he feared most. Rejection;

How? He thought. We definitely had something or was it I alone?

A whole lot of emotions swelled up in him ranging from anger to embarrassment;

He swore to avoid contact with her altogether but everyday was harder than the last;

And then he knew he couldn’t avoid her;

There she was looking ravishing as usual;

He saw her, she saw him, but the shame he still felt was lingering and he could not muster the courage to talk to her;

She clouded his thoughts the whole day and he finally gave in and texted her at night;

But he knew they weren’t going back to how they were before and it irritated him much;

And with all that frustration lying inside him, he unleashed on her unsuspectingly at her most vulnerable;

Strike 2;

This clearly isn’t what he wants, he hurt her real bad with some harsh words and the pain burned him afterward;

The once confident boy had lost faith in himself but swore to make things better;

Trying too hard at making conversations, and the ‘no’ he gets when he asks her out cripples his self faith;

He now feels sorry for himself and is lacking in ideas;

He reflects on his mistakes and always grits his teeth at how many he’s made regretting each one severely;

Pathetic is what he has become;

To make things worse everything around him isn’t going great either;

He suddenly realizes how weary he has become;

Then he knows it’s time to let go, in order to move on he knows what he ought to do no matter what pain it may cost;

Once he knows what to do, his self pity automatically deserts him;

He knows deep down he never meant harm and hopes for the best in her endeavors.

He smiles now because he knows the old him is back and even better than before.


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